2017 Convention

13th Quadrennial Constitutional Convention

50 Years of Constant Struggle

September 8-9, 2017
Toledo, Ohio

Join us in celebration of our 50th anniversary and 13th Quadrennial Convention!
Every four years, FLOC members convene to vote for the union’s leadership, goals, resolutions, and overall direction. This convention will play a crucial role in advancing the international fight for collective bargaining rights for all tobacco workers and related agricultural workers!

Interested in being a sponsor or donor? Click here for more information!

Sponsorship opportunities range from $1-$20,000+. Please consider making a donation of whatever size that is meaningful to you!

Interested in being a volunteer? Click here for more information!

We need volunteers in both Ohio and North Carolina to help make the convention a success!


Si usted es un miembro interesado en asistir, favor de llamar a una de nuestras oficinas para mas detalles y para confirmar su asistencia / If you are a member interested in attending, please call one of our offices for more details and to confirm your attendance:

Ohio: Ramon Perez, 419-243-3456, ext 2

North and South Carolina: 919-731-4433


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