In a historic win for farmworkers and organized labor, FLOC and its allies overturned part of North Carolina’s Farm Act earlier this month. A federal court struck down part of the state law that would have stripped farmworkers and their union of their rights to bargain for voluntary union recognition in settling legal claims. This …

Veteran Farm Worker Family to Represent FLOC at White House Event

We would like to tell you the story of Jessica Molina. Jessica is the youngest daughter to founding FLOC members Gregorio and Margarita, Jessica grew up in an environment inspired by leadership and activism. As witness to her parent’s participation in numerous marches and boycotts, she would soon follow in their footsteps, advocating for underrepresented …

Sign Our Petition! Ask these growers to: SUPPORT HUMAN RIGHTS ON THEIR FARMS!

  O.J. SMITH FARMS, KENT SMITH FARMS, THE BASS FARMS, GREENLEAF NURSERY CO., THE BAILEY BROTHERS FARM  Dear Sisters and Brothers, Over the last several weeks, delegations of farm workers and community supporters delivered written notices to employers in support of FLOC members calling for an end to abuses and corruption in their workplace. They …

Honoring FLOC Leader Jack Kilroy

We are very saddened to announce the passing of Jack Kilroy, one of FLOC’s longtime supporters, organizers and leaders. No one could ask for a better friend, a better comrade in the midst of battle than Jack Kilroy. Jack was our San Patricio warrior that never stepped back from shoulder to shoulder in our fight with the Campbell Soup growers, or the sheriff’s department even when beaten, harassed and targeted.

FLOC Implements Heat Protections and Guidelines

BREAKING NEWS: FLOC has revisited and is now unilaterally implementing heat protection guidelines for more than 9,000 farm workers covered in our collective bargaining agreement in the Southern United States. These are some of the strongest guidelines in the United States, and our members are a handful of outdoor workers who have heat protections. Today we are strengthening The Mesa/Ordas Rule negotiated with the NCGA in 2006, which made FLOC the first group to address heat issues for farm workers in North Carolina in a concrete negotiated way. Heat stress issues were important then and even more so now.

FLOC Forum in Mexican Senate

This week the Farm Labor Organizing Committee went to Mexico City and met with elected officials in Mexico to discuss the plight of migrant farm workers and represent our members’ concerns in a groundbreaking meeting at the Mexican Senate.

International Women’s Day with FLOC Member Yvonne!

This International Women’s Day (IWD) we must stand with our sisters across the globe who are fighting for their rights in and outside of the workplace. Gender inequality is a trade union issue, and we must acknowledge how it exacerbates labor exploitation, especially in agriculture.   To commemorate IWD, we sat down with FLOC member …

Signing Ceremony Celebrating New CBA!

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), with support from the Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice, just concluded a two-year organizing campaign resulting in a collective bargaining agreement covering workers at an agricultural packing shed at Battleboro Produce in Rocky Mount, North Carolina! This is an unprecedented win for immigrant workers in the deep South. At a signing ceremony on Monday, January 30th, workers, organizers, FLOC President Baldemar Velasquez and director of Battleboro Produce Joel Boseman came together to celebrate and sign the collective bargaining agreement.

What does it take to organize a group of immigrant workers in the deep South?

At 7:30am workers begin filing into the large tin building, surrounded by heavy machinery and pallets stacked high. Tucked away amongst sweet potato farms in rural North Carolina sat an agricultural packing shed that is part of Battleboro Produce. Here workers, the majority of whom are women and from Mexico, sort and pack sweet potatoes …

Combatting Child Labor on World Children’s Day

On World Children’s Day we are calling attention to the thousands and thousands of children who work in agriculture, often in hazardous and dangerous conditions. In the United States, more children die working in agriculture than in any other industry. A report by Human Rights Watch sheds light on the use of child labor in …

Support Federal Changes to the H2-A System!

For years, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee has raised the alarm on the extreme vulnerabilities perpetuated within the H2-A system, including the widespread corruption within the recruitment system, the power imbalance created by tying workers’ immigration status to a single employer, and the rise of unscrupulous farm labor contractors, who are perpetuators of the most …

Save Our Jobs, Save Our Farms

On Sunday, October 1st in Wilson, North Carolina an unexpected alliance developed between a large group of migrant farmworkers and numerous North Carolina farm groups. Through a two-hour discussion, the joint goal emerged of keeping labor intensive, small family farms operating in the United States to maintain and expand farmworker jobs currently protected under a collective bargaining agreement.