Veteran Farm Worker Family to Represent FLOC at White House Event

We would like to tell you the story of Jessica Molina. Jessica is the youngest daughter to founding FLOC members Gregorio and Margarita, Jessica grew up in an environment inspired by leadership and activism. As witness to her parent’s participation in numerous marches and boycotts, she would soon follow in their footsteps, advocating for underrepresented minorities and making contributions to her community that would impact generations to come.

Jessica Molina became an associate member of FLOC and the Principal of the only existing bi-lingual school in Toledo, Escuela Smart Academy. Serving as an integral part of FLOC, the Molinas fought alongside Baldemar Velasquez with intention to reform the rights of Farm Labor Unions.

Most recently, President Velasquez opened up the office doors of FLOC to provide a “safe haven” for those that might have felt apprehension going elsewhere. In collaboration with Dr. Richard Paat and the Community Cares Clinic, the distribution of vaccines began in the heart of South Toledo on January 29th, 2021. Soon, however, the overwhelming demand for vaccines outgrew the FLOC office, and Jessica Molina volunteered both her school and her personal time to host Covid-19 clinics at Escuela Smart Academy. 

Together, the Molina family, FLOC and the Community Cares Clinic hosted several clinics, including a 42 hour vaccine marathon where the Molinas themselves were vaccinated. These grassroots clinics offered vaccines on weekends and after hours, allowing 3rd shift workers to attend, and were staffed by bilingual doctors and volunteers in order to better serve the underrepresented minority community.

These clinics resulted in over 6,000 vaccinated community members with a 89% return rate for the second dose– the highest return rate in the state of Ohio.

Jessica Molina, along with her son and her parents, will be participating in the White House “America’s back Together” 4th of July event in Washington D.C at 6:00pm. They have been on the front lines fighting for farm labor union rights and have been essential in the fight against COVID-19 in Ohio.

FLOC, as a whole, believes in the spirit of self-determination and we can see a true example of this through the lense of community leader Jessica Molina.

For more information contact Irma Ayers: 419.243.3456 Ext. 4