Farm Labor Organizing

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FLOC has thousands of members between Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mexico. Some of our members live in the United States, while other travel back and forth from their home country for the harvest season. Check out all of the ways our members are continuing to organize and build the union, and the real results that have come from our union agreements:


    • Southern Organizing: Following the Mt. Olive Pickle boycott, in 2004 FLOC won a collective bargaining agreement with the North Carolina Grower’s Association, which covers nearly 7,000 H2A workers all across North Carolina. Each year we are able to resolve hundreds of questions and complaints regarding wages, health and safety concerns, housing issues, and more. Read more about how we work with our members to solve problems.
    • Midwest Organizing: Following an eight year campaign and boycott, FLOC won a collective bargaining agreement covering workers on tomato farms across Ohio which sell their product to Campbell’s Soup. Read more about this historic victory and how conditions have improved in Ohio labor camps and fields.