FLOC Homies Union

The FLOC Homies Union is a movement that is in conjunction with the FLOC Associate Membership community. Through the creation of democratic institution and a unified, collective voice we have been and will continue to create change for those on the fringes and those in poor communities. All members of the Homies union will have a vote in union decisions. The FLOC Homies have identified neighborhood safety by pushing for better neighborhood lighting, re-establishing a level of trust between the community and law-enforcement officials with our Code of Conduct, and the Homies have pushed government officials to deal with the lead paint poisoning in older homes that are affecting our children, and many more issues that plague our members’ families on a daily basis.

If you are interested in joining the FLOC Homies Union and making your voice heard, please contact our teacher/mentor, Alma Aguirre-Padilla at apadilla@cmwj.org or our recruiter, Juanita Mena at jmena@cmwj.org to find out how to sign up. Membership is $15.00 for people under 18.

Recent News from the Homies Union

We are one of the founding organizations of the Black/Brown Unity Coalition. Check it out!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the CMWJ Homies Youth Empowerment Program and gain invaluable skills in order to find sustainable jobs and get paid to do it click on the link below.