A Week in the Life of FLOC

Where in the world is FLOC and what are we doing? A few snap shots of a recent week – this is not an exhaustive list but is a great sample of one of our weeks.

1. Our VP Justin Flores was in Berlin Germany meeting with other union leaders and members from all over the world to collaborate and strategize for human rights of workers. He also gave media interviews.

2. Circle K protest in Goldsboro, NC.

3. On Monday April 15th, we held a memorial for Santiago Rafael Cruz to commemorate his life and sacrifice for our movement and to give a public briefing about the status of his case and also our ramping up of efforts to end bribery at the border to continue Santiago’s legacy.

4. Our organizer Meliton in Mexico held a huge meeting to inform workers of their rights and to organize farm workers to speak up and fight for their rights.

5. Our North Carolina staff will welcomes around 600 farm workers in Vass, North Carolina to inform them of their rights and what FLOC does on behalf of our members.

6. On the Toledo side, our FLOC Homies Program continues strong with another session to begin in June. Our Program Manager Ted, Organizer Chibuzo, and our Homies Monitor Alejandro continue to work with the Homies, in and with the community, and to educate. We continue to work on LED Lighting for the city of Toledo and with the Black/Brown Unity Coalition to tackle lead paint poisoning and our relationships with police.

7. Our organizer Stephen in Kentucky is traveling all over to meet with growers and to organize workers in order ensure that farm workers and growers both benefit in these difficult times.

8. In between all this there are hundreds of phone calls and texts, and e-mails from members to our offices. There are a steady stream of walk-ins. We also work with colleges and universities and community and church groups and individuals who are wanting to join us in this fight. For this we are grateful.

9. And finally President Baldemar Velasquez does all of the above on any given day working long hours on behalf of our members, the movement, our communities, and his staff.