FLOC Homies Tutoring Kids in Reading at Local Elementary School

We’re in the middle of la lucha for farm workers who deal with human rights abuses and a hostile government. Every day. And every day we believe in being faithful in little things because eventually, the little things will add up into big things. Just one such example is our FLOC Homies program in Toledo, Ohio. The Homies advocate for civil and immigrant rights and their local neighborhoods. Currently some are tutoring elementary kids in reading at Marshall Elementary STEMM Academy. Wherever you find FLOC, in North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Mexico etc., you’ll find us working for the flourishing of our communities. We know that our flourishing is intertwined with yours.

If you or someone you know is interested in the Homies Program (youth ages 14-24) you can find out about it and apply here (for Toledo Ohio – Lucas County only):