FLOC mourns loss of Sarita Rios

FLOC is saddened by the news of the passing of its former Vice President, Sara Rios, this past Thursday due to ALS.

Sara, or Sarita as members of FLOC referred to her, was not only a dedicated FLOC activist, but a friend to the Velasquez family.

In an interview with Toledo Blade, President Baldemar Velasquez described Sarita as “intelligent and insightful” from an early age, with particular focus on human and civil rights.

The Blade reported, “The fights Ms. Rios had in the 1970s in Toledo are still relevant today, as the treatment of immigrants and migrant workers is of national and international concern.”

President Velasquez noted that she was the push in internal and external matters in organizations she joined. “She was a major force behind a FLOC policy that women would be given equitable representation throughout the FLOC organization,” President Velasquez recalls.

FLOC staff, members, and supporters send deepest condolences to the Rios family. She will be remembered dearly within the organization as one of its core participants.
Read Sarita’s Obituary Here.
[Photo courtesy of Sara Fights ALS]