Successful First Black/Brown Unity Coalition Community Forum!

We had a first successful meeting of the Black/Brown Unity Coalition on Thursday October 25th, 2018. We are going forward together to address the issues of:

  1. LED Lighting
  2. Lead paint and the effects it has on children in our area
  3. The Code of Conduct we signed with the Toledo Police Department
  4. Boycotting VUSE e-cigarette because of how tobacco farm workers are treated
  5. Visiting the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, NC and the farm labor camps in Eastern North Carolina to see what black/brown people go through.


See the piece on Channel 11 WTOL:

Black and Brown folks are working together to address the issues that face our people. We face many of the same issues. So together, we are seeking justice and the betterment of our community.  To find out more about the Black/Brown Unity Coalition, click here: