FLOC Stands With Community Demanding Immediate Release of Ana Gloria

ana gloria and sonSept. 7, 2016 – Yesterday, FLOC leaders and members joined a protest at the Seneca County Jail in Tiffin, Ohio, to speak out against yet another inhumane detention and possible deportation of a local mother who has been detained for nearly 100 days. Ana Gloria, pictured here with her son, has diabetes and has suffered serious health effects from the jail’s failure to provide insulin and proper medical care. She is one of many immigrants who have suffered from inhumane treatment in this jail.

Ana Gloria is a loving mother and community member who should not be detained or deported. The Seneca County Jail has a contract with ICE and primarily houses immigrant detainees. It is also well known for its abusive treatment of inmates.

We stand with our community and call for immediate release of Ana Gloria and all others who have been unjustly detained, and a full investigation into the conditions and practices at Seneca County Jail. 

Read more about Ana Gloria’s case in the full press release below.


Ilmer Jancarlos Trejo


Akron Latinos to protest Immigrant Detention Center in Tiffin, Ohio

The Seneca County Jail in Tiffin, Ohio, is the site of a modern-day Trail of Tears, as thousands of Hispanics are detained there before being deported, forced to the leave their families, children and all their possessions behind, much like the native Seneca, namesakes of the detention center.

A group of Akron Latinos and their friends will rally in Tiffin, Ohio, near the Seneca County commissioner’s office, 111 Madison St., Tiffin, Ohio, on Tuesday, September 6th from 10 – 11 a.m.

They will bring attention to the case of Ana Gloria Trejo, 55, a single mom who is facing imminent deportation. She was detained June 2nd in Akron, by ICE, and has spent nearly 100 days in the Seneca County Jail. A diabetic with other medical issues, the jail has not administered her insulin, causing her health to deteriorate as she loses weight and her vision is impacted. Complaints at the jail over the years have remained unaddressed, as overall accountability remains murky between jail administration and ICE.

In fiscal year 2015 alone, 696 immigrants have been detained in the Seneca Jail, with an average stay of 46 days. Over 90% are Hispanic, and many are local from Ohio The County bills the U.S. government a per diem of $58 per immigrant per day, generating millions of dollars in revenue for the County on the cruel tragedies and hardships of hard-working Latinos and their families.

Ana Gloria Trejo’s son, Ilmer, will be at the rally to speak with media. Also present will be members of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) and its president Baldemar Velasquez, and HOLA Ohio.