Homies Graduation December 2019!

Toledo, Ohio – 32 Homies graduated from our FLOC Homies program which is sponsored by our education partner, CMWJ, Lucas County Department of Jobs & Family Services, and Community Shares. (Not all are pictured with Presidente Velaquez and Homies staff).

We are proud of these Homies! They are continually overcoming obstacles to learn what it takes to become ready for work. They are also taking steps to educate themselves about life, themselves, the world, and opportunities as well as the struggles so many in our communities face. All the while, they and learning how to be active citizens in the community and our nation, how to raise their voices and organize to help our communities move forward. They are learning leadership skills that not all leaders know. They are becoming leaders of today and tomorrow!

For part of the program, Homies attend 10 hours of classes each week from 4-6 pm and then for the second half of the program, they intern at local businesses or non-profits such as Sunshine, local libraries, or Toledo Grows.