Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice: April 13-18, 2014

Every year, Witness for Peace South East (WFPSE) organizes a Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice to raise awareness about issues of justice throughout the community. A coalition of various organizations, people, communities, and faiths walk together to call for an end to policies that devastate economies and livelihoods, that promote division and discrimination, and that lead to poverty and oppression in both Latin America and the United States.

This year the WPSE Pilgrimage will focus on humane immigration reform for all, fair trade not failed trade, and justice for workers at home and abroad.

FLOC is proud to be a part of this important event and to highlight the farmworker movement throughout the week. Two of the walking days, April 14 and April 17, will dedicated some time to focus on farmworker organizing in North Carolina.

Click here to see the full walking schedule for the week.

Join FLOC and the Pilgrimage on Thursday, April 17, for an action at The Pantry, Inc. headquarters in Cary!  Concerned consumers will continue to ask The Pantry, which owns Kangaroo, for a meeting to discuss their concerns about conditions in Southern tobacco fields. Read more about the Kangaroo campaign, and then check out the details and join us this Thursday!

Download the Pilgrimage flyer (PDF)